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Metallurgical Testing

Sherritt Technologies’ offers full service metallurgical test work providing expert advice and consultation conducted in a fully equipped laboratory with expertly trained staff. We offer a comprehensive range of testing services from metallurgical testing, analytical support to pilot plant operation and testing for plant design.

Sherritt Technologies:

  • Has experience with a wide variety of metals such as nickel, cobalt, zinc, copper, gold, silver, vanadium, and platinum group metals.
  • Delivers a variety of metallurgical testing ranging from bench, batch and beyond.
  • Utilizes reliable and well-designed equipment to test a variety of metallurgical operations.
  • Provides prompt turnaround of test results and interpretations.
  • Produces effective test designs.

Types of Metallurgical Testing

Sherritt Technologies offers expert research and development support for all phases of metallurgical projects, including:

  • Feed materials characterization and evaluation
  • Benchtop and batch testing for metallurgical projects
  • Construction materials evaluation
  • Testing for flowsheet and process design criteria development
  • Continuous integrated pilot plant testing

Pilot Plant Operations

Sherritt Technologies’ testing facilities provide a complete array of equipment to perform pilot plant testing to develop, and demonstrate processes over a broad range of conditions. The facilities are staffed with skilled technical and professional personnel that draw upon the experience gained in well over 100 continuous pilot plant campaigns, as well as, from extensive commercial experience.

We support client projects with metallurgical testing of operations from feed preparation and comminution to finished metal production.

Sherritt Technologies has a wide range of equipment necessary to perform metallurgical pilot plant testing of many unit operations that are needed for hydrometallurgical flowsheets, including:

Feed Preparation

  • Bulk crushing and screening equipment
  • Batch and continuous ball/rod milling
  • Batch vertical, stirred mill (attrition)
  • Vibrating screens and hydrocyclones
  • Thickeners
  • Blending equipment
  • Flotation cells
Feed Preparation

Pressure Hydrometallurgy

  • Automated continuous multi-compartment pilot plant autoclaves with titanium or stainless steel construction with sufficient sampling options to generate wide range of commercial plant design data
  • Batch autoclaves with automatic data logging, pressure control and temperature control
  • Pressurized Letdown Systems
Pressure Hydrometallurgy

Atmospheric Circuits

  • Atmospheric Leaching Circuits
  • Neutralization Circuits
  • Solution Purification and Precipitation Circuits
  • Solid-Liquid separation equipment including pilot scale Thickeners and Filtration systems
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Flotation Cells
Atmospheric Circuits

Metal Production

  • Hydrogen Reduction Autoclaves for metal powder production
  • Electrowinning equipment for production of metal cathodes
Pressure Hydrometallurgy

Analytical Services Support

Metallurgical testing at Sherritt is supported by a dedicated laboratory used for analysis of test and production samples. The in-house analytical capabilities provide a fast turn-around for metallurgical test work, leading to better data driven results for our clients.

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Testing for Plant Design

Sherritt Technologies’ metallurgical test programs are designed to provide information and expertise for process development and project execution. Every metallurgical test is completed with the aim of furthering project completion. We test in order to get reliable design criteria and useful engineering data.

Sherritt Technologies test programs can provide information for successful commercial scale up of entire process flowsheets including:

  • High Pressure Leach and Oxidation Autoclaves
  • Hydrogen Reduction Autoclaves
  • Pressure Letdown and Flashing Systems
  • Counter-Current Decantation wash circuits
  • Neutralization and Precipitation Circuits

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