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The following sections provide links to our service summaries, case studies, a list of articles published by Sherritt Technologies’ personnel and a list of significant owned patents.

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Service Summaries

Case Studies

Case Studies from selected projects:

Published Articles

Sherritt Technologies is your partner in processing development and practice. Below is a selected list of examples articles published by Sherritt Technologies’ personnel. To obtain an author’s version of the article please contact us.

  • The Development of the Sherritt Ammonia Pressure Leach Process
  • Fifty Years of Pressure Hydrometallurgy at Fort Saskatchewan
  • Scale up and Design of Pressure Hydrometallurgical Process Plants
  • The Commercial Status of Pressure Leaching Technology
  • Hydrometallurgical Developments in Canada (1961 to 2011)
  • The Nickel Industry in Canada (1961 to 2011)
Laterite HPAL
  • Startup and Reliability of Nickel Laterite Plants
  • Iron Control in the Moa Bay Laterite Operation
  • Process Development by Dynatec for the Ambatovy Nickel Project
  • Sustainable Hydrometallurgical Processing at the Ambatovy Nickel Operation in Madagascar
  • Effect of Magnesium on Pressure Leaching of Moa Laterite Ore
Refractory Gold Pressure Oxidation
  • The Application of Pressure Oxidation at the Campbell Red Lake Mine
  • Design of the New Lihir Gold Pressure Oxidation Autoclave
  • Design of the Anglo Gold Ashanti Brazil Refractory Gold Pressure Oxidation Plant
  • Pilot Plant Pressure Oxidation of Refractory Gold Silver Concentrate from Eldorado Gold Corporation’s Certej Project in Romania
  • Pilot plant pressure oxidation of a refractory gold-silver concentrate
  • Pressure Oxidation Pretreatment of Refractory Gold
Matte Leaching
  • Treatment of Nickel Copper Matte at Western Platinum by the Sherritt Acid Leach Process
  • New Matte Leaching Developments at Anglo Platinum’s Base Metal Refinery
Zinc Pressure Leach
  • Starting up the Sherritt Zinc Pressure Leach Process at Hudson Bay
  • Operation of the Sherritt Zinc Pressure Leach Process at the HBMS Refinery: The First Two Decades
  • Sherritt ZPL Study for China Western Mining Company High Zinc Extraction at High Altitude
Leaching of Copper concentrates
  • Pressure Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrates by Dynatec
  • The treatment of Arsenical Materials in the Pressure Leaching of Copper Concentrates at Dynatec
  • Pilot Plant Pressure Oxidation of Codelco Copper Concentrate
  • Pressure leaching of Las Cruces copper ore


Throughout its history Sherritt has been granted over 1700 patents. Below is a select list of our most current patents.

  • Solvent extraction process for the separation of cobalt from nickel in aqueous sulphate-containing solutions
  • Selective precipitation of manganese from magnesium-containing solutions
  • Recovery of nickel, cobalt, iron, silica, zinc and copper from laterite ore by sulfuric acid leaching
  • Recovering metals from complex metal sulphides
  • Recovering metal values from a metalliferous material
  • Process for partial upgrading of heavy oil
  • Hydrogen reduction of metal sulphate solutions for decreased silicon in metal powder
  • Low acidity, low solids pressure oxidative leaching of sulphidic feeds
  • Recovery of copper from arsenic-containing process feed

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Global Operations

  • Metals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power
  • Commercial operations developed with Sherritt technologies
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