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The following sections provide our core technologies and services, and selected case studies, articles published and recent patents.

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Our Core Technologies

Our Core Services

Case Studies

Case Studies from selected projects. For further information please contact us.

Gold Technology
  • Lihir Gold Ltd., Expansion, Papua New Guinea (2012)
  • AngloGold Ashanti, Córrego do Sitio, Brazil (2012)
  • Lihir Gold Ltd., Papua New Guinea (1997)
  • Placer Dome Inc., Canada (1991)
  • Porgera Joint Venture, Papua New Guinea (1991)
  • Sao Bento Mineracao S.A., Brazil (1986)
Zinc Technology
  • Kazakhmys Copper Corp., Kazakhstan (2003)
  • Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd., Canada (1993)
  • Ruhr-Zink GmbH, Germany (1991)
  • Kidd Creek Division of Falconbridge Limited, Canada (1983)
  • Cominco Ltd., Canada (1981)
  • Akita Zinc, Japan (1973)
Uranium Technology - Acid Leach
  • Key Lake Mining Corporation, Canada (1983
  • Anglo American Corporation, South Africa (1982)
Nickel, Cobalt, and Copper Technologies
Ammonia Pressure Leaching
  • Sherritt, Canada (1993, 1954)
  • Western Mining Corporation Ltd., Australia (1969)
Hydrogen Reduction
  • Ambatovy Laterite HPAL and Refinery Project (2015)
  • Outokumpu Oy, Finland (1995, 1957)
  • Impala Platinum Ltd., South Africa (1983, 1969)
  • Marinduque Mining and Industrial Corporation, Philippines (1974)
  • Western Mining Corporation Ltd., Australia (1969)
Acid Pressure Leaching
  • Ambatovy Laterite HPAL and Refinery Project (2015)
  • Anaconda Nickel, Australia (1998)
  • Stillwater Mining Company, USA (1995)
  • Bindura Nickel Corporation, Zimbabwe (1995)
  • Northam Platinum Ltd., South Africa (1992)
  • Western Platinum Ltd., South Africa (1990, 1983) Barplats (Pty) Ltd., South Africa (1989)
  • Rustenburg Refiners (Pty) Ltd., South Africa (1982) Impala Platinum Ltd., South Africa (1969)
  • Moa Nickel S.A., Cuba (1959)
  • Sherritt, Canada (1957)

Published Articles & Patents

Sherritt Technologies is your partner in processing development and practice. Below is a selected list of examples articles published by Sherritt Technologies’ personnel. To obtain an author’s version of the article please contact us.

  • The Development of the Sherritt Ammonia Pressure Leach Process
  • Fifty Years of Pressure Hydrometallurgy at Fort Saskatchewan
  • Scale up and Design of Pressure Hydrometallurgical Process Plants
  • The Commercial Status of Pressure Leaching Technology
  • Hydrometallurgical Developments in Canada (1961 to 2011)
  • The Nickel Industry in Canada (1961 to 2011)
Laterite HPAL
  • Startup and Reliability of Nickel Laterite Plants
  • Iron Control in the Moa Bay Laterite Operation
  • Process Development by Dynatec for the Ambatovy Nickel Project
  • Sustainable Hydrometallurgical Processing at the Ambatovy Nickel Operation in Madagascar
  • Effect of Magnesium on Pressure Leaching of Moa Laterite Ore
Refractory Gold Pressure Oxidation
  • The Application of Pressure Oxidation at the Campbell Red Lake Mine
  • Design of the New Lihir Gold Pressure Oxidation Autoclave
  • Design of the Anglo Gold Ashanti Brazil Refractory Gold Pressure Oxidation Plant
  • Pilot Plant Pressure Oxidation of Refractory Gold Silver Concentrate from Eldorado Gold Corporation’s Certej Project in Romania
  • Pilot plant pressure oxidation of a refractory gold-silver concentrate
  • Pressure Oxidation Pretreatment of Refractory Gold
Matte Leaching
  • Treatment of Nickel Copper Matte at Western Platinum by the Sherritt Acid Leach Process
  • New Matte Leaching Developments at Anglo Platinum’s Base Metal Refinery
Zinc Pressure Leach
  • Starting up the Sherritt Zinc Pressure Leach Process at Hudson Bay
  • Operation of the Sherritt Zinc Pressure Leach Process at the HBMS Refinery: The First Two Decades
  • Sherritt ZPL Study for China Western Mining Company High Zinc Extraction at High Altitude
Leaching of Copper concentrates
  • Pressure Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrates by Dynatec
  • The treatment of Arsenical Materials in the Pressure Leaching of Copper Concentrates at Dynatec
  • Pilot Plant Pressure Oxidation of Codelco Copper Concentrate
  • Pressure leaching of Las Cruces copper ore
Special and Composite Powders
  • Low Density Nickel Powder by Hydrogen Reduction from the Aqueous Ammonium Carbonate System
  • Recent Developments in the Production and Applications of Metal and Composite Powders
  • Experimental Design for Production of Fine Copper Powders
  • The Characterization and Application of Very Fine Copper Powders Produced in Aqueous Media
  • The Preparation of Fine Metal Powders at Sherritt
  • Production of Very Fine Hydrometallurgical Powders
US Patent No. Title
10,544,482 Recovery of copper from arsenic-containing process feed
10,449,607 Hydrogen reduction of metal sulphate solutions for decreased silicon in metal powder
10,358,610 Process for partial upgrading of heavy oil BITMAP
8,221,710 Recovering metals from complex metal sulphides
8,147,781 Recovering metal values from a metalliferous material
7,387,767 Recovery of nickel, cobalt, iron, silica, zinc and copper from laterite ore by sulfuric acid leaching
6,656,247 Selective precipitation of manganese from magnesium-containing solutions
6,231,823 Solvent extraction process for the separation of cobalt from nickel in aqueous sulphate containing solutions

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