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Innovation and Experience

Sherritt Technologies is a provider of technical services and an incubator of industry solutions. Success in commercializing projects for Sherritt’s core businesses and external clients is owed to its practical applications of complex technology. Sherritt Technologies’ innovation pipeline is an efficient vehicle for rapidly evaluating new ideas and its research teams are focused on providing innovative process development that have the potential to transform the metallurgical processing, mining and other industries.

Sherritt Technologies develops proprietary solutions for commercialization within the natural resource-based industries, leveraging its considerable expertise in hydrometallurgical processing. Its process solutions help companies become more profitable, more sustainable, and less energy intensive.

Treatment of complex concentrates

Sherritt’s Technologies’ has developed a suite of proprietary processes in response to current copper concentrate market developments based on the Corporation’s deep expertise in hydrometallurgy. In these processes, complex copper concentrate is leached for base and precious metals extraction with high recoveries, while simultaneously locking up contaminants such as arsenic, antimony and bismuth in a chemically stable form. As a result, pressure leach process residues are generated that are significantly more environmentally stable than current industrial practice could achieve.

Next-generation laterite processing technology

Sherritt’s Technologies continues to advance development of next-generation laterite processing technology with an aim to make nickel laterite processing more economically viable and more sustainable, as well as developing project opportunities for the generation of battery-grade nickel and cobalt products from lateritic ores.

The value levers that drive this initiative include improving the purity of nickel, reducing environmental impacts such as water, greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction in tailings, extending the life of existing assets, increasing the recovery of high-value metals and reducing operating costs and capital requirements. Sherritt has concluded an intensive technology review process and has selected a novel processing flowsheet that was advanced to pilot plant testing in 2022.

Experience: Non Ferrous and Precious Metals

More than 40 commercial operations on six continents successfully employed Sherritt technology for the recovery of non-ferrous (nickel, copper, cobalt, zinc, uranium and others) and precious (gold, silver and platinum group metals) metals. Sherritt has provided technologies and expert services to most of the world’s major mining companies.

Refractory Gold

Sherritt’s process for treatment of refractory gold feed materials provides significantly increased gold recoveries while producing environmentally stable residues (particularly those with high arsenic), and is compatible with conventional cyanidation and other gold recovery processes. Learn more

Zinc Concentrates

Sherritt’s Zinc Pressure Leach technology allows for production of zinc and elemental sulphur from sulphide concentrates, alone or in combination with other feeds, without the simultaneous production of sulphur dioxide or sulphuric acid. Learn more

Copper Ores and Concentrates

Sherritt has conducted numerous research programs, from laboratory to pilot plant scale, to develop economically competitive and environmentally acceptable pressure leach technology for the treatment of copper-iron sulphide ores and concentrates. The major benefits include high recoveries of both copper and precious metals, and conversion of sulphur to the elemental state, or alternatively its fixation as gypsum or sulphuric acid for oxide ore leaching. The hydrometallurgical process may also be readily integrated with existing smelting operations to process selected copper concentrates, roaster dusts and other copper bearing feedstocks. The copper pressure leach processes can be adapted to the treatment of arsenic-bearing feeds for the recovery of copper and gold with fixation of arsenic as a ferric arsenate (or scorodite) residue.

Metal-Bearing Sulphides

Sherritt has developed technologies to recover non-ferrous and precious metals from sulphide concentrates and other feed materials which are not economically suitable for treatment in conventional smelters. These technologies offer high recoveries of the metal values while producing an environmentally stable residue.


Sherritt has developed and commercialized technologies to recover nickel, cobalt, copper and platinum-group metals from mattes and other feed materials.

Nickel Laterites

Sherritt’s technologies to recover nickel and cobalt from laterite ores have been applied in Sherritt’s own operations for more than 50 years and today are accepted as the preferred processes for treatment of laterite feeds amongst commercial plants.

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