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Engineering Design

At Sherritt Technologies we understand the big picture and are committed to driving positive change and a sustainable future to overcome the continuously evolving challenges that the mining and metals refining industry faces. Our flexible and agile team of subject matter experts and engineers are dedicated to developing, designing and implementing innovative processes and technologies.

Our focus is to maximize client's profitability while meeting their needs for higher operating standards, leading environmental stewardship and meeting social responsibilities. Combining in house expertise, modern process technology development facilities, engineering and operations experience from facilities around the world, we strive to deliver innovative solutions, proven technologies and dynamic services to meet every client’s unique needs.

Process Design

Hydrometallurgical experts at Sherritt Technologies lead a diverse team of highly experienced engineers, metallurgists, chemists and technicians, specializing in producing innovative and proven process flow sheets and design specifications, customized to meet each facility’s operating strategy and production targets in their unique physical, chemical and geological environments.

The Engineering Projects group provides:

  • Optimized designs for existing and new technologies in a variety of different metals refining facilities,
  • Effective integration solutions for brownfield projects.

Every new project and existing facility faces unique challenges and Sherritt Technologies is committed to adapting and implementing safe, sustainable solutions to reduce capital costs, minimize operating costs and maximize production potential.

The Engineering Projects team has:

  • Executed projects successfully for gold, nickel, cobalt and copper refining facilities globally for a variety of applications including horizontal leach autoclaves and vertical leach reactors (Pachucas),
  • Customized autoclave and flash vessel circuits, solvent extraction and ion exchange separation technologies, conventional solid/liquid equipment for difficult to handle slurries, and electrowinning processes.

Our rigorous design methodologies are proven to produce robust solutions which meet our client’s needs. Concepts are efficiently progressed to commercialization, providing clients with high returns on investment, while keeping safety and sustainability at the forefront of all decision making.

Economic Feasibility Studies

Every mine and mineral processing facility faces unique challenges. Sherritt Technologies understands that with growing global environmental and social scrutiny, clients must carefully evaluate prospective long term growth strategies and opportunities.

Sherritt Technologies provides comprehensive economic feasibility studies to evaluate mine development opportunities, expansion potential for existing facilities, and refinery process upgrades in diverse operating environments to permit effective decisions on investment opportunities, operating risks and potential production value.

Process Modelling

Our robust and innovative process modelling designs are built upon accurate modelling of greenfield and brownfield refineries, reflecting the unique operating environments and chemistry of each facility. We fully utilize our engineering expertise and research facilities to ensure that our steady state mass and energy balance models simulate actual operating parameters, address real limitations and mitigate risk providing a solid foundation for the development of robust and reliable process flowsheets, which can progress to a sustainable, safe commercial operation.

Project Delivery

Sherritt Technologies project managers and senior engineers capably lead projects from concept and metallurgical test work to economic feasibility studies to the development of an optimized and sustainable process design. The team has extensive experience in:

  • developing new innovative technologies
  • commissioning, troubleshooting and
  • optimizing process circuits in greenfield or brownfield facilities.

This broad expertise is combined effectively to deliver projects on time and on budget to meet our client’s unique needs in diverse operating environments and challenging constraints.

Our team is agile and collaborative, working globally with regulatory bodies, government authorities, third party service providers and contractors to ensure that our clients' needs are met and exceeded.

Contact Info:

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