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Sherritt Technologies is a recognized world leader and pioneer in the development and application of pressure hydrometallurgy for the mining industry, a respected provider of technical services and an incubator of industry solutions.

Sherritt Technologies develops proprietary solutions for commercialization within the natural resource-based industries, providing solutions that help companies become more profitable, more sustainable, and less energy intensive.

In addition to supporting Sherritt’s operations and growth initiatives, Sherritt Technologies’ innovation pipeline is an efficient vehicle for rapidly evaluating new ideas. Our current pipeline focus uses our metallurgical expertise and proprietary technologies to bring production efficiencies and environmental benefits to the battery metals mining sector and provide innovative hydroprocessing solutions to the upgrading of heavy hydrocarbons.

Current project focus includes:

  • Treatment of complex concentrates (“Chimera™”/“Dilute Pox™”):
    • suite of processes for the treatment of complex copper concentrates (or other high arsenic content feeds) that enable high recoveries of base and precious metals while providing a significant step change in the stabilization of arsenic bearing solid waste.
  • Dense slurry hydroprocessing (DSH):
    • metallurgical reactor technology being applied to the processing of bio-oils into second-generation renewable fuels, upgrading of refinery vacuum residue to create value add products and upgrading heavy oils and bitumen
  • Next-generation laterite (NGL) processing:
    • novel processing flowsheet with the potential to make processing of lateritic ores more economically viable and sustainable while enabling the supply of nickel and cobalt products from lateritic ores to the battery sector.

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With more than 70 years of experience in the development and commercialization of hydrometallurgical technologies for the recovery of non-ferrous and precious metals, more than 40 operating plants worldwide have successfully applied commercial technologies built with Sherritt’s processing expertise.

Sherritt Technologies can provide support to resource companies from project inception to commercialization, including:

  • Process development
  • Metallurgical testing and analytical services
  • Engineering design and technical support

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