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Sherritt International is a recognized world leader in the production of high purity nickel and cobalt metal from lateritic ore. Mining and refining only in non-conflict jurisdictions, through its Moa Joint Venture, the high quality battery and alloy ready nickel and cobalt produced are used worldwide in stainless steel, specialty steel, chemical and welding applications. The high purity nickel and cobalt powder and briquettes are sought after for the most-favoured battery cathode chemistries in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market.

Nickel and cobalt are refined in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada from mixed sulphide intermediate prepared at the mine and processing plant in Moa, Cuba. This 50/50 joint venture, has the capacity to produce up to 35,000 tonnes of nickel and 3,800 tonnes of cobalt (100% basis) per year.

In addition, Sherritt offers various other products for sale through its wholly-owned fertilizer business and sulphuric acid and ammonia production facilities.


Nickel is a strong, lustrous, silver-coloured metal. Its principal values lie in its resistance to corrosion and oxidation and its strength at high temperatures. Used primarily in the production of alloys including stainless steel, nickel is used to make everything from highly specialized materials (such as airplane engines and medical equipment) to buildings, as well as batteries, including those for electric vehicles.


Cobalt is a hard, lustrous, grey metal used in the production of high speed, high temperature and wear-resistant super alloys, magnetic alloys, rechargeable batteries, chemicals and catalysts.

Cobalt briquettes are especially well-suited for the electric vehicle market due to the high purity and excellent dissolution characteristics.


Nitrogen-based fertilizers shipped from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta are sold to the agricultural sector, primarily in Western Canada.

Other by-products

Sulphuric acid, zinc sulphides and copper sulphides are bulk shipped, primarily within Canada.


Nickel is a heavy silver-coloured metal whose principal economic value lies in its resistance to corrosion and oxidation and excellent strength and toughness at high temperatures. Nickel is used in the production of stainless steel, which accounts for approximately two-thirds of worldwide nickel consumption. After stainless steel, the lithium ion rechargeable battery market will be an important driver of nickel demand.

Nickel is also used in the production of industrial materials, including non-ferrous steels, alloy steels, plated goods, catalysts and chemicals. In 2019, China was responsible for over 55% of world consumption of primary nickel production. Nickel demand is strongly influenced by world macro-economic conditions, which in turn influence the state of the world stainless steel industry, the single largest consumer of nickel.

In 2019, the Moa Joint Venture produced 33,108 tonnes (100% basis) or approximately 1.5% of annual world refined nickel production. Current world supply of refined nickel is estimated to be approximately 2.41 million tonnes per annum.

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Cobalt is a hard, lustrous, grey metal that is used in the production of high temperature, wear resistant super alloys, catalysts, paint dryers, cemented carbides, magnetic alloys, pigments, rechargeable batteries and chemicals.

The Moa Joint Venture’s finished cobalt (briquettes and powder) at 99.9% purity, exceeds the LME cobalt specification. In 2019, it supplied 3,376 tonnes (100% basis) or approximately 2.5% of world primary cobalt and was the 4th largest producer of refined cobalt metal and powder (100% basis).

Over the last decade, growth in the chemical sector, primarily in battery chemicals, has increased the demand for cobalt. The rapidly emerging EV (Electric Vehicle) market, as well as the world’s reliance on global communications in the form of mobile phones and tablet technology has been a driving force for increased cobalt consumption. Strong recovery from the superalloy sector has also helped the market remain in relative balance. Over the long term, positive growth is expected in the rechargeable battery sector (hybrid and electric vehicle applications).

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