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Moa JV

The Moa Joint Venture is a vertically integrated enterprise, which mines and refines nickel from lateritic sources. Located in Moa (Cuba) and Fort Saskatchewan (Alberta, Canada), the Moa JV produces class I nickel and high-grade cobalt products. Moa JV is 50% owned by each of Sherritt and General Nickel Company S.A. of Cuba and has a proud history stretching back more than 29 years.

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Moa uses an open-pit mining process to mine lateritic ore, which is processed using  high-pressure acid leaching on-site into mixed sulphides containing nickel and cobalt. The mixed sulphides are then transported to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, where they are refined into high-quality finished nickel and cobalt as well as a byproduct ammonium sulphate fertilizer. In addition, Sherritt also has wholly owned ammonia, ammonium sulphate fertilizer, sulphuric acid and utilities operations in Fort Saskatchewan.

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