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Community Investment Requests

Sherritt supports community investment opportunities that contribute to the quality of life in communities near our operations, helps them meet their development needs and enables a community of engaged, civic-minded employees and stakeholders.

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Sherritt’s Community Investment Criteria

Proposals for community investment funding from Sherritt must align with one of the following three areas:

  • Socio-economic Development:
    • Projects that provide support to schools, training, and education with the goal of strengthening access to quality education
    • Projects that support social initiatives that are considered important to the community
    • Projects that support economic services and initiatives that are considered important to the community, such as basic infrastructure, local entrepreneurial development, governance and economic development
  • Public Health and Safety:
    • Projects that emphasize community safety, enhance community preparedness and emergency prevention initiatives
    • Projects that help communities grow safely
    • Projects that encourage sport and healthy living for youth
    • Projects that provide support to hospitals, medical facilities or clinics, with the goal of strengthening access to quality health care.
  • Natural and Cultural Heritage:
    • Biodiversity investments that promote research and protection of species and the natural environment in areas where Sherritt conducts business
    • Cultural or heritage investments that provide funding to the arts or to activities that promote understanding of heritage in the community and contribute to a strong social fabric

The decision to support an organization or project will be measured against the following Funding Criteria:

  • Alignment with Sherritt’s values, principles, business objectives, and/or priorities
  • Overlap with Sherritt’s presence in a particular area
  • Potential to leverage existing initiatives or facilities Sherritt already supports
  • Potential to have a long-term positive impact on the lives of the greatest number of people possible
  • Organization making the request is financially viable (can provide financial statements upon request) and efficiently and effectively managed
  • Opportunity includes options/potential for Sherritt employee engagement
  • Request clearly outlines options for appropriate recognition of Sherritt’s support
  • Project includes measurable outcomes and reports to Sherritt on outcomes on a regular basis, and
  • Project and/or organization exhibits innovation in their work, in their way of addressing community challenges, and in their proposal to Sherritt.


Sherritt does not invest in projects and organizations that do not align with our values and our criteria for community investment. We do not respond to the following types of requests:

  • From organizations without a tax-registered number or non-profit society number (e.g. registered charity number)
  • Individual applicants
  • Telephone solicitations
  • For-profit community endeavors
  • Private clubs funded through membership fees
  • Travel, accommodation, meal expenses, field trips or tours
  • Competitive sports teams
  • Student or alumni organizations
  • Pageants
  • Religious or faith-based initiatives that do not benefit those outside their faith
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, colour, language, national or social origin, economic status, religion, political or other conscientiously held beliefs
  • Organizations whose mandates and agendas conflict with those of Sherritt, and
  • Organizations that rely upon Sherritt as the sole funder for its activities.