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Sherritt’s 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Sherritt’s 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held on May 13th, 2022.  As a result of the continuing impact of COVID-19 shareholders will have the option of attending the Annual Meeting of Shareholders (the Meeting) in person or virtually.

Meeting materials, including Sherritt’s 2022 management information circular and proxy (see below) are available on the Company’s website, and the notice-and-access package has been mailed to eligible shareholders. We encourage you to vote your proxy. 

Attending the Meeting in person or online enables registered shareholders or their duly appointed proxyholders and non-registered shareholders who have duly appointed themselves as proxyholder, or their duly appointed proxyholders, to participate at, submit questions in writing and vote at the Meeting, all in real time.

Below are the details for the Meeting:

Date:                   May 13, 2022

Time:                  10:00 am (EST)

To attend the Meeting in person:

Location: Vantage  Venues

150 King Street West

Toronto, Ontario

M5H 1J9

The Conservatory - 16th Floor


To attend the Meeting virtually:

Meeting website:

Guests, non-registered shareholders who have not duly appointed a third-party proxyholder, can log in to the Meeting as set out below. Guests can listen to the Meeting, but are not able to vote or ask questions at the Meeting.

Shareholders can log in online to the Meeting at

  • We recommend that you log in at least 15 minutes before the Meeting starts. You will need the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox. Please do not use Internet Explorer.
  • Click “Login” and then enter your control number and Password: sherritt2022 (case sensitive).


  • Click “I am a Guest” and then complete the online form.

Registered Shareholders: The control number located on your form of proxy is your control number.

Registered Shareholders appointing a third-party proxyholder, non-Registered Shareholders: A control number to vote at the Meeting can be obtained by following the instructions described in the “How to Vote” section in the 2022 management information circular.

If you attend the Meeting online, it is important that you are connected to the internet at all times during the Meeting in order to vote when balloting commences. It is your responsibility to ensure connectivity for the duration of the Meeting. You should allow ample time to check into the Meeting online and complete the related procedure.

To vote your shares either by proxy or in person, see the “How to vote” section of the management information circular (see below).

If you have any questions or need assistance completing your proxy or voting instruction form, please call Kingsdale Advisors, toll free at 1.800.749.9197 or email

For any additional questions please contact Investor Relations, toll free at 1.800.704.6698 or email

Mark Preston,
Investor Relations

Telephone: 1 416 935 2406