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Our Purpose and Our Promises

At Sherritt, we believe success is best achieved when every employee understands the direct impact their function has in achieving our collective purpose and objectives as a company. Our Purpose and Our Promises articulates these shared values as a company and will help guide our actions.

Our Purpose is to be a low-cost nickel producer that creates sustainable prosperity for our employees, investors and communities.

We have implemented specific initiatives across our divisions to advance this Purpose and will continue to make it our core focus.

Our Purpose means different things for different stakeholders. For our employees, it means we will strive to offer a safe and rewarding workplace. For our investors and our partners, it means we will seek to deliver long-term superior results. And in the communities where we work, it means we will work to create lasting economic benefits while respecting and embracing the local culture and honouring our commitments.

Our Promises Spell Out How We Will Work as a Company

  • With integrity – operating ethically, openly and with discipline.
  • With agility – acting decisively on opportunities to build an even stronger company.
  • With safety and sustainability – keeping our people and our neighbours healthy and safe.
  • With continuous learning and innovation – to achieve our best.
  • And with shared prosperity – for all of our stakeholders.