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New Graduates

It’s Not Just a Job, It’s the Beginning of Your Career.

You want hands-on experience working on real projects, right from day one. Work that changes and challenges you, provides mentors and leaders to learn from – work that is exciting. At the same time, it’s important to work for a socially responsible company that takes care of its people, its communities and the environment.
Sherritt can offer you many ways to explore the world. Now the only question left to ask is, what path will you take?

A World of Opportunity.

What is SHARP?

SHARP is an accelerated career development program for engineers and scientists that offers the unique learning experience of working across Sherritt’s varied operations over a three-year period - including one international assignment. It provides a hands-on role where you can work alongside great mentors and experienced leaders.
Upon completion of the three-year program, candidates will move onto the next stage of their career in a division of Sherritt that matches their interests and abilities with the needs of the business. SHARP offers engineers and scientists the unique learning experience to work in the following industries: Metals, Technologies, Oil & Gas and Power.

What does Sherritt offer?

  • The opportunity to work for a Canadian-based natural resources and energy company with diverse operations in Canada, Cuba and Madagascar.
  • The opportunity for international work experience.
  • An individualized career development program that matches your interests and education with hands-on field experience.
  • Mentorship from senior management and seasoned engineers.
  • Challenging work across various industries and in different locations.
  • A chance to work with leading-edge technologies and experts.
  • Competitive compensations and benefits.

Who is Sherritt looking for?

Recent graduates or post-graduates who have completed engineering or science degrees within the last three years from an accredited Canadian program in any of the following disciplines:

  • Chemical, process, mechanical, metallurgical and materials engineering
  • Chemistry

What kind of work does SHARP offer?

SHARP assignments will integrate candidates into existing teams in order to foster technical learning and interpersonal development. Additional classroom learning will be scheduled for business-related education, such as project management, leadership development, general finance and accounting, and other skills.

SHARP roles include positions across Sherritt’s businesses and may involve assignments in plant operation, a project, technology development or business development.

  • Plant operations - Provide technical support to an operating plant in Alberta, Cuba or Madagascar
  • Projects - Work on a project team to analyze or improve plant operations and optimize productivity, or to develop, design and build a new installation, facility, process or technology.
  • Business development - Provide support for business development activities such as research into industry or economic trends, evaluations of future developments or financial analysis of business opportunities.

Where will candidates work? 

Depending on the successful candidate’s area of study, assignments could take them to Sherritt’s nickel refinery or Technologies Division in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta to Calgary or Cuba to work in the Oil and Gas Division, or Madagascar for an international assignment.


Testimonial 1
“I’ve been amazed at the opportunities Sherritt provides to learn, grow and gain experience.”
Testimonial 2
“From my first day with Sherritt, I have felt welcomed and included as a valuable member of the team.”
Testimonial 3
“I get to bring everything that I’ve learned in school to work with me every day.”