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Ambatovy JV

The Ambatovy Joint Venture is a vertically integrated nickel and cobalt mining, processing, refining and marketing joint venture that produces class I finished nickel. Sherritt operates this facility, which is jointly owned by Sherritt (40%), Sumitomo (32.5%) and Korea Resources (27.5%).

Ambatovy JV 1 Ambatovy JV 2 Ambatovy JV 3
Sherritt’s 2016 production 16,842 tonnes (40% basis) of finished nickel 1,309 tonnes (40% basis) of finished cobalt
Established 2007
2017 Outlook 2017 Outlook 40,000 – 43,000 tonnes (100% basis) finished nickel and 3,600-3,900 tonnes (100% basis) finished cobalt

World’s Largest Finished Lateritic Nickel Operation

The Ambatovy mine area is located 80 kilometres east of Antananarivo (the capital of Madagascar) near the town of Moramanga. At the mine site, it operates an open-pit mining operation and an ore preparation plant. From the mine, the slurried laterite ore is delivered via pipeline to a processing plant and refinery located directly south of the Port of Toamasina.

The design at Ambatovy is based on Sherritt’s hydrometallurgical process that has been commercially proven at the Moa Joint Venture as well as at other international commercial operations.